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Lubricants for AWANA® Cars
Lubricants can make the critical difference between winning or losing an AWANA Grand Prix Car race. Our lubricants have been formulated to work the best with the plastic wheels and metal axles on your Awana car.

Graphite should be first applied before the wheels are attached to the car


Awana Car Graphite

The fastest pure graphite available
Best for races that specify that only graphite can be used.

This pure extra fine graphite is high in carbon content giving superior lubricating characteristics. A special blend of micron size graphite particles are formulated to reduce the coefficient of friction and give your car the winning edge. Tested faster than any other brand of pure graphite.
Quantity: $4.95 each


Awana Car Hob E Lube

The fastest dry lubricant available.
Legal in all races that specify that only
dry lubricants can be used.

A blend of micron size graphite particles blended with Molybdenum. The molybdenum acts as microscopic ball bearings, and also spreads the graphite out for more even lubrication.
Quantity: $4.95 each

Krytox 100

Krytox 100

Thin Film Liquid Lubricant - 1/4 ounce

If your race allows liquid lubricants
then this is what you want.

Krytox 100I is a highly-refined synthetic thin-film lubricant with an ultra-low viscosity. It has a tough film strength for long lasting lubrication. When properly applied, it outperforms dry lubricants including graphite.
Krytox 100 can be safely used with any Awana Grand Prix wheels. It is colorless, odorless, non-hazardous, and plastic-safe. The key to using a thin-film lubricant is that " less is best ". Applying too much lubricant will slow your car down.

How to use:

  1. Put one drop of lubricant on an axle.
  2. Tip the axle so down and let the lube flow to the end of the axle.
  3. Insert a wheel into the axle.
  4. Spin the wheel several times.
  5. Remove the axle and wipe off the lubricant with a clean, soft rag.
  6. Reinsert the wheel into the axle and attach to your car.
Quantity: $23.95 each

Graphite Pads

Graphite Pads
Graphite Pads dramatically reduce friction between the wheel and car body.
Quantity: $6.95 each


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