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Paint for AWANA® Cars


We tested over 100 different paints and selected the ones that gave the best results on Awana cars. These high gloss acrylic paints work best if no primer or wood sealer is used - Just sand and paint. All of our paints are water based. They are non-toxic and water wash-up. 1/2 fl oz. bottles. We recommend that you give your car a final coat of Gloss Clear for an extra shiny protective finish.

Gloss Clear

Use as a top coat over
a colored paint.
ABC Awana Grand Prix Car Gloss Paint
Quantity: $3.95 each


White Paint
Quantity: $2.95 each

Military Gray

Gray Paint
Quantity: $2.95 each


Black Paint
Quantity: $2.95 each


Brown Paint
Quantity: $2.95 each

Kandy Scarlet

Kandy Scarlet Paint
Quantity: $2.95 each


Pink Paint
Quantity: $2.95 each


Red Paint
Quantity: $2.95 each

Dark Orange

Dark Orange Paint
Quantity: $2.95 each


Orange Paint
Quantity: $2.95 each


Copper Paint


Yellow Paint
Quantity: $2.95 each

Dark Green

Dark Green Paint
Quantity: $2.95 each


Green Paint
Quantity: $2.95 each

Light Green

Light Green Paint
Quantity: $2.95 each


Purple Paint
Quantity: $2.95 each

Light Blue

LIght Blue Paint
Quantity: $2.95 each

Dark Blue

Dark Blue Paint
Quantity: $2.95 each


Paint Markers

Paint Markers
Great for details such as windows, lights, bumpers and designs. Easy to use - non-toxic.
ABC Awana Car Marker
Black: $3.95 each  
Red: $3.95 each

Awana Grand Prix Car Paint Stand

Awana Car Paint Stand

Paint your car, not your hands!
Holds your car for easy painting.
Can also be used as a display stand after the race.

Quantity: $6.95 each
Paint Accessories

Paint Brush

Paint Brush
This 1/2" wide brush is just right for painting your Awana Grand Prix car.
Quantity: $1.95 each


Three 4" X 5" sheets.
Ideal for sanding your Awana Grand Prix car.
Quantity: $1.95 each


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