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Weights for AWANA® Cars
The more your AWANA car weighs, the faster it will go. Most rules specify a 5 oz. maximum weight. A car may need 3 oz or more of additional weight depending on how much wood is removed when you shape your car. Add as much weight as you can near the back of the car for fastest speeds.

Our weights are available in a variety of shapes and metals. Each metal has its advantages and disadvantages. The following table will help you to decide which metal you would like to use.

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of each metal:

  Advantages Disadvantages
  • Soft - easy to bend and cut.
  • Low cost
  • Medium density
  • Should not be handled by children. If you use lead, insert it inside the car block and seal with wood putty.
  • Low cost
  • Can be cut and filed
  • Low density
  • Can rust
  • High density
  • Ideal for concentrating weight in a small area.
  • High cost.
  • Very hard - Cannot be cut or shaped.
Cylinder Weights
Cylinders are usually inserted in holes that have been drilled in your car.

Lead Wire Weights

ABC Awana Grand Prix Wire Weights
These weights are 1/4" diameter. Cut with wire cutters and other cutting tools. Drill one or more 9/32 " holes near the back of your awana car, insert the weights in the holes then glue them into place or cover with wood putty. Includes 3 sections for a total of 3 oz.

These are lead weights and should not be handled by children.

     Wire Weights: $3.95 each set of 3

Steel Cylinders

Awana Car Steel Cylinders
Each cylinder weighs 1/10 oz and is 1/2" long. Diameter is 1/4". Includes ten cylinders for a total of 1 oz. The best way to install these weights is to drill 9/32" holes near the back of your car, insert the weights in the holes then glue them into place or cover with wood putty.
Quantity: $3.95 set of 10
Drill Bit
9/32" Drill bit: $2.95 each        

Tungsten Cylinders

Awana Car Tungsten Cylinders
3/8" diameter cylinders. Four sizes to choose from.
1/4 oz cylinder: $1.95 each
1/8 oz cylinder: $1.45 each
1/6 oz cylinder: $.95 each  

EZ Cut Tungsten Cylinders

Awana EZ Cut Tungsten

Same density as lead. Can be cut with a sharp knife.
Two 3/8" diameter cylinders - 1.6" length - 1 oz each

Quantity: $16.95 each set of 2

Tungsten Rods

Awana Tungsten Rods

Great for tight areas
Each rod is 5/16" diameter, 9/16" long and .33 oz
Each package comes with 3 rods for a total of 1 oz.

Rods: $5.95 each set of 3
5/16" Drill Bit: $2.95 each

3/8" Spade Bit

Awana Grand Prix Car Spade Bit
To drill holes for Steel and Tungsten Cylinder Weights.
Fits any 1/4" or larger drill.
Quantity: $2.95 each

Adjustable Tungsten Weights

Awana Adjustable Tungsten Weights
Four 3/8" diameter cylinders. 1/2 oz each.
3/8" drill bit required .
Quantity: $19.95 each set of 4
Drill Bit
3/8" Drill Bit: $2.95 each set of 4
Flat Weights
Use super glue to attach our Flat Weights to the top or side of your awana car.The Tungsten Plate and Steel Bottom Weights are designed to be attached to the bottom of your car.

Zinc Stick-On Weights

Awana Car Steel Stick On Weights
These 18 individual weights can be used to fine tune the weight of your awana car. They have an adhesive backing for easy use. 1.8 oz. total weight
Quantity: $5.95 each set of 18

Tungsten Plate

Awana Grand Prix Car Tungsten Plate
Each plate is .5 oz . Dimension: 1.43" X .56" X .068". Mount on the bottom of your car or on any flat surface.  Several plates can be mounted  on most cars.
Quantity: $2.95 each

Bottom Weights

ABC Awana Car Bottom Weights
This steel weight can be glued to the bottom of your car.  It is less than 1/16" thick so it won't interfere with your car's bottom clearance. Break off segments in .02 oz increments to adjust your car's weight.
Quantity: $1.95 each

Aerodynamic Weight

Aerodynamic Weight
Ideal for low-profile Awana cars with a flat or wedge body design. It is sleek and tapered for minimal wind drag.
Includes four mounting screws
2.2 oz. total weight.
Quantity: $1.95 each
More Tungsten Weights

Tungsten Disc

Awana Car Tungsten Disc
Ideal for "light" cars where you want the weight added to one area. Easy to use. Super glue to the top of the car or drill a 1 1/8" hole and glue it into the hole.
Quantity: $19.95 each

1 1/8" Forstner Bit

ABC Awana Car Forstner Bit
  • For drilling holes for our Tungsten Disc.
  • Fits any 3/8" or larger drill.
  • Also works great for drilling out the bottom of your car if you need to remove weight.
Quantity: $9.95 each

Tungsten Canopy

Awana Car with Tungsten Canopy
Tungsten canopy weight
2.5 oz. and 3.5 oz sizes are available

2.5 oz: 1 1/2" long X 1" wide X 1/4" tall, 3/8" stud
3.5 oz: 1 3/4" long X 1 1/4" wide X 1/4" tall, 1/2" stud

This smooth tungsten canopy has a 3/8" stud for mounting to your car. Drill a 1/4" deep 3/8" hole then super glue to your car.
Silver Canopy
Quantity: 2.5 oz - $14.95
Quantity: 3.5 oz - $19.95
Gold Canopy
Quantity: 2.5 oz - $14.95
Quantity: 3.5 oz - $19.95
Black Canopy
Quantity: 2.5 oz - $14.95
Quantity: 3.5 oz - $14.95

Tungsten Triangle

Example of a Tungsten Triangle  Canopy
1 3/4" long X 1 1/8" wide X 1/4" tall
Requires 1/2" hole
2.5 oz. total weight
This tungsten triangle weight has a 1/2" stud for mounting to your car. Drill a 1/4" deep 1/2" hole then super glue to a flat surface on your car.
Silver Triangle Weight
Quantity: $14.95 each
Gold Triangle Weight
Quantity: $14.95 each
Black Triangle Weight
Quantity: $14.95 each

Tungsten Putty

Tungsten Putty Awana Car
1 oz total weight.
This putty is great for fine-tuning the weight of your car. It can be easily molded into almost any shape. Pinch off a piece and press the putty into a hole in the car.
Quantity: $11.95 each

Tungsten Cubes

Tungsten Cubes
These small tungsten cubes are ideal for fine tuning your car's weight and they fit in tight spaces. Glue them into a slot under your car or pack them into a drilled hole.
1/4" .17 oz cubes - 1 oz total weight
1/4 inch Cubes: $5.95 each set of 6

Tungsten Bar

Tungsten Bar
This Tungsten bar weighs .8 oz and is 1/4” thick x 1/4” wide x 1 1/4” long. Can be installed behind the rear axle by cutting a slot in the bottom rear corner of the car..

Super Glue

We recommend our Super Glue for attaching weights to your car.
Quantity: $2.95 each
Digital Scale

Digital Scale

Digital Scale
  • Accurate to .01 oz
  • Backlit display
  • Measures oz. or grams
  • Uses standard AAA batteries
  • Factory Calibrated
  • Can be re-calibrated
  • Includes protective cover
  • Weighs up to 10 oz.
  • Small size
Quantity: $15.95 each

Calibration Weight



Calibration Weight


300 gram weight used to re-calibrate the digital scale sold on this page.


Quantity: $5.95 each


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