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Tools for AWANA® Cars
The parts that are included with your AWANA car kit can be improved to give your car more speed. These tools will help you to fine tune your wheels and axles for maximum performance.

Wheel Mandrel

Wheel Mandrel

The Wheel Mandrel can be used to trim and polish your wheels, for lower friction and faster speeds.

  • Instructions included.
  • Easy to use.


A hand drill or lathe is needed to use this tool.

Quantity: $8.95 each

Wheel Bore Polisher

Wheel Bore Polisher

The wheel bore (hole) shoujld be polished
for lower friction and faster speeds.

  1. Eliminates plastic particles and reduces flaws inside the wheel bore.
  2. Polishes the wheel bore to a high shine.

Includes drill attachment, two pipe cleaners and micron plastic polish.

A hand drill is needed to use this tool.

Quantity: $9.95 each

Rail Rider with Pro Axle Press

Rail Rider and Axle Press
The Rail Rider tool is used to slightly bend the axle where it exits the car block. This makes it easier to align your car to run straight or to tune it to use the "Rail Riding" technique for even faster speed. The amount of bend can be 1.5 or 2.5 degree. Full instructions included.
Quantity: $28.95 each

Axle Bender

Axle Bender
The Axle Bender can be set to bend axles from .5 to 10 degree. Bent axles can be used to cant the wheels and to adjust the alignment of the car. Full instructions included.
Quantity: $86.95 each

Axle Pliers

Axle Pliers

These pliers are made to grip your Awana axles without damaging them. Can be used to remove the axles from the car block and for turning the axles to adjust alignment.

Quantity: $24.95 each

Axle Guide

Axle Guide
This tool makes inserting the axles in your awana car a whole lot easier. It makes sure that the axles are horizontal and that the wheel-to-body gap is correct. It also protects the wood around the axle slot while the axles is being inserted, minimizing the risk of damage.
Quantity: $8.95 each

Axle Polishing Kit

Awana Axle Polishing Kit

Everything you need to polish your axles:

  • Needle File
  • Two grits of fine sandpaper
  • Paste metal polish
  • instructions
Quantity: $10.95 each

Axle File

Awana Axle Polish
This file can be used to taper the axle head to reduce friction.

This is the same file that is included in our Axle Polishing Kit.
Quantity: $3.95 each

Feeler Gauge

ABC Awana Car Feeler Guage
This stainless steel feeler gauge is ideal for setting correct distance between the wheel hub and car.
Quantity: $2.95 each

Wheel Alignment Tool

Wheel Alignment Tool

Get your car up to spec. Use this tool to:

  • Check Axle Alignment
  • Check Clearance Between Wheel and Body
  • Prevent Wheel Camber
  • Check Toe-in and Toe-out
  • Check Car Length and Width
  • Check Track Clearance
Easy to follow instructions included.
Quantity: $4.95 each

Axle Drill Bit



#44 (.086" diameter)

This drill bit has a slightly smaller diameter than the official Awana axle.

This hard-to-find bit is just what you need for drilling new axle holes or for aligning the existing axle slots in your car block.
Quantity: $1.95 each
Block Shaping Tools

Wood Rasp

Wood Rasp
Rasps can be used to shape your Awana car block after it has been cut with a saw. Use a file or sandpaper to smooth the block after you use a rasp.  This is a two sided rasp. One side is flat and the other is round.
Quantity: $2.95 each

Coping Saw

Coping Saw
Just the right size to shape your car. Includes one blade.
Coping Saw: $9.95 each
Replacement Blades: $1.95 each
Car Building Supplies



Three 4" X 5" sheets

  • Ideal for sanding your Awana Grand Prix car.
  • Three different grits
Quantity: $1.95 each

Body Putty

Body Putty
Includes spatula
Ideal for:
  • Filling scratches, cuts, gaps and rasp marks.
  • Adding fins, spoilers, bumps and other features to your car.
  • An all-over smooth finish.
Quantity: $2.95 each

Super Glue

Super Glue
Bonds to almost anything. Sets in seconds. Ideal for attaching accessories, parts and weights to your car.
Quantity: $2.95 each


Car Glue
Dries clear
Ideal for:
  • Attaching axles to your car.
  • Repairing chips and cracks on your car.
Quantity: $2.95 each


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