Jul 5 2022
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Don't miss out on products that will help you to build your car and make it win.


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Here is your check list of other items that will help you to build a fast car.
Axle Guide
Installs your axles the right way every time. More Info
Bring your car up to the 5oz weight limit.
More Info
We have both dry graphite and synthetic oils
More Info
Stock and modified wheels in a variety of styles and colors.
More Info
Deburred and polished - ready to race.
More Info
Axle Polish
Polish your axles to a high shine.
More Info
Pre-cut Blocks
Car blocks cut to official specifications.
More Info
Car Templates
Step-by-step instructions for building a car.
More Info
Tools to make cutting your car easier.
More Info
Paint selected to give the best results. Water based for easy clean up.
More Info
Car Decals
Make your car look gret with our easy to use Decals.
More Info
Car Accessories
Make your car look great with these glue on accessories.
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