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Practice Track for AWANA® Cars
ABC Awana Car Track Connectors

Use boxes or our track stand to elevate one side of the track
Awana Car Track

Place track side by side for more lanes.

Most official Awana tracks are between 32' and 45' long.
You can use 16 to 22 track sections (and a large room) to re-create a one lane official track.

Hold your own races!

A great party idea is to run your own races with your own rules. Even the adults can compete with unlimited races.
Combine track sections to make any lenght and multiple lanes.


This one lane track meets official AWANA track dimensions and is available in 2 foot sections. Purchase multiple sections to make any length track and multiple lanes. Made of high grade plastic.


Practice Track


Practice Track for Awana Cars

With this track you can check these important car characteristics:

  • Track clearance
  • Weight placement
  • Straight rolling
  • Stability
  • Wheel alignment
  • Smooth rolling
  • Experiment with axles and wheels
  • Compare cars to find the fastest
  • Break your axles and wheels in by running your car down the track several times.
Quantity: $3.95 each

Track Stands

ABC Awana Car Track Stand


Track stand for 10 to 14 foot long tracks
(one lane)


Sturdy, durable and assembles in a few minutes.

10 to 14 foot tracks: $9.95 ea
Track Stand for Awana Cars



Track stands for up to 40 foot long tracks
(up to two lanes)


16 to 26 foot tracks: $14.95 ea
28 to 40 foot tracks: $19.95 ea

Starting Gate

Awana track starting gate


For up to two lanes
Track and track stand not included

This starting gate is for use on our track stand shown above.
It will not work on our track stand for 10 to 14 foot tracks.

Quantity: $9.95 each

Track Brake

Track Brake


Slides in the track center guide rail to safely stop your car.

One brake needed for each lane.

Quantity: $9.95 each

Timing Your Awana Car

We are working on a low cost track timer for one and two lanes. It should be available in May or June. This timer will work with our existing track, starting gate and track stand.


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