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This is the first year I used parts besides what came in the awana box. The result was 1st place. Thanks again for making my son a very happy person yesterday....Joe Z
The Awana race was run last weekend and it was the first time two of my grandsons got to the finals. One of them finished 3rd ovberall and the other finished 7th overall (81 cars entered).....Mark A
We received our package and have already finished the car!! Your company is very professional and the products we received were wonderful!! Thank you very much! .....Meredith M
My son and I thank you for your promptness. We are seriously trying to defend our Championship Title that we won last year with your help. Thank You Again!!!
.....Derrick L
Hey I appreciate you offering this service. My place was hit by the tornado so we haven't had too much time to build a car from scratch, and a friend suggested your web site. My order arrived in a few days just in time for the race. Thanks!
.....Adam S
Everything You Need to Make a Fast
Awana® Grand Prix Car!
ABC Awana Car is an independent website. We are not affiliated with Awana Grand Prix. All the blocks, wheels and axles that we sell are the same products sold in the official Awana kits. All the products that we sell are compatible with Awana cars and are for Awana races only.

If you are racing in a Pinewood Derby race, click here for our Pinewood Derby car supplies.

Free awana car building tips with each order!

Car DesignsCar Designs

Templates and easy instructions for building your Awana Grand Prix car. Instant download to your computer.
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Car BlocksCar Blocks

We do the hard part for you. These Awana blocks are pre cut into a variety of shapes. They are all fast.
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Wheels and AxlesWheels and Axles

The same wheels and axles that come in the Awana kit but we remove flaws and make small modifications for faster speed.
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We have the fastest graphite available as well as a synthetic thin-film lubricant with an ultra-low viscosity.
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The heaver your car is, the faster it will go. Bring your car up to the 5 oz. limit with our wide variety of weights.
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Car AccessoriesCar Accessories

Make your Awana Grand Prix car unique with our car accessories. Easy to use. Just glue them onto your car.
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Car DecalsDecals

Decals, body skins and racing stripes. We have them all in many colors and designs.
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These brush-on paints are water based for easy cleanup. 17 glossy colors and fast drying.
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Tools for Awana CarsTools

Here you will find all of the tools you will need to build your winning Awana car.
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Awana Practice TrackPractice Track

Test your car before the race or hold your own races with our economical track.
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